What Are Those Stains Under My Pets Eyes?

What are those stains under my pets eyes? Many dog and cat owners often wonder what those ugly stained and sometimes goopy spots are near their pet's eyes. The answer is tear stains. What causes tear stains and how do you get rid of them? Continue reading this article to find.

Tear stains can make pets look ill, older than they are, and simply take away from their cute doggie dog eyes or cat eyes of course. The stains are caused by tears hence their name. The most common cause of this nuisance problem is excess tear production. Some animals have a disease of the eye or abnormally shaped eyelids that could lead to tear stains. Blocked tear ducts and food allergies can also be the culprit. Take your feline or canine friend to the veterinarian if one of these reasons could be causing the tear stains.

If you want to take your own actions towards reducing and preventing tear stains there are different things that you can try. First, you can try something like changing your pet's diet or giving it probiotic supplements. You can also talk to your groomer and ask them to try to clean the stained areas and also if they know how to prevent tear staining from happening.

Other things that you can do include using the product Angel Eyes, however you will want to do research on this product first and see if it's really something you want to give your pet, just so they can look better. You may also want to ask your veterinarian about Angel Eyes before giving it to your pet. If your veterinarian doesn't recommend using it, then it is probably wise to try other things like cleaning the stained areas every day and putting Vaseline on the affected spots to prevent further staining.

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