What are Tongue Worms?

What are tongue worms? There are a lot of different types of parasites that infect people and pets. They are organisms that can cause horrible problems for the infected. This article will focus on a specific parasite, tongue worms. These parasites can infect both people and reptiles, so it's very important to understand this parasite and how to prevent it.

Worms are actually the most common kind of parasites that reptiles get. The common worm parasites that most reptiles get include roundworms, pinworms, and hookworms. However, they can also get tongue worms.

Tongue worms are an internal parasite that infect a reptile's respiratory system. Parasitic infections can cause systems such as lethargy and vomiting. Reptiles with tongue worms usually get pneumonia.

Parasites can spread to a reptile's other organs and body tissues. They can also be spread to other reptiles, pets, and a reptile's owner. Therefore, if you suspect that your reptile does have tongue worms, you need to take the proper safety precautions.

You will need to take your reptile to the vet, but you should avoid allowing yourself to get the parasite. Use gloves or transfer the reptile's terrarium without touching the reptile or the inside of the terrarium.

A veterinarian can give your reptile de-wormers, medication that kills the tongue worms. Sometimes veterinarians need to operate on a reptile to remove the dead worms. Antibiotics may also be prescribed to make sure the reptile doesn't have any secondary infections.

Parasites are awful, they transmit disease, weaken immune systems and can be spread to others. If your reptile gets tongue worms, make sure you prevent the infection from returning. Thorough clean and disinfect the reptile's home. Also, regularly clean it's terrarium. Tongue worms are often found in tropical climates, so be careful if you order a reptile from such a climate.

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