What causes Skeletal Deformities In Amphibians?

What causes skeletal deformities in amphibians? Skeletal deformities can be scary and serious health issues. These problems often occur in pet amphibians. This article will discuss their cause.

Skeletal deformities include things such as scoliosis or a curved spine, deformed lower jaw, and bone fractures. So, why do many amphibians suffer from these disorders? Usually because they have metabolic bone disease. This disease can also lead to muscle spasms, and bones are easily broken.

Metabolic bone diseases is usually the result of a poor diet and deficiencies. Amphibians that have imbalances or deficiencies of vitamin D, calcium, or phosphorus are prone to developing the disease that greatly affects bones and cartilage. Calcium keeps bones strong and vitamin D helps control calcium metabolism in an amphibians body. Too much phosphorus often creates an imbalance.

Some causes of metabolic bone disease can actually be caused by diseases of the kidney, liver, or gastrointestinal tract. Some diseases disrupt a body's natural absorption or vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus, therefore causing imbalances.

In most cases, the amphibian's diet can be blamed. Many amphibians eat insects and commercial food that isn't the healthiest for them. They may like the food, but that doesn't mean it has the right amount of all the vitamins and minerals that their body needs to remain in top shape.If you own a pet amphibian, improve their diet before they develop metabolic bone disease. The disease can be treated and most amphibians recover, but it's better to prevent it completely. Do research or consult with your veterinarian if you have any dietary questions.

Nutritional supplements are also available for many pets, it you are really worried about your amphibian. Exposure to a full spectrum light can also help amphibians and reptiles. Just be sure you use the lighting properly and don't overdo it. 

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