What Does Your Dog's Bad Behavior Mean?

What does your dog's bad behavior mean? Dogs are sometimes like young children. They act out an won't tell you why. Do they think it's fun or do they want the attention? Sometimes bad behavior can actually be a symptom of something else. This article will discuss unruly behavior in dogs and what it might mean.

In dogs unruly behavior may be barking, jumping, digging, chasing people and other animals, and taking/stealing items. While most of these things are exactly what you'd expect a dog to do, doesn't mean that they are good. If done occasionally you might not care. However, when your dog begins to do these things excessively and doesn't listen when you tell it not to, it becomes unruly behavior.

Barking can be annoying and disruptive for your whole family, plus your neighbors probably won't like it. Neighbors and their pets also won't enjoy being chased by your dog. Digging makes your yard look unattractive and leaves holes for your to accidently step in and get injured. Jumping may occur to you every time you come home as well as with strangers who may not be as understand of your dog. If your dog takes things it can lead to the items being destroyed, lost, and if your dog takes things it shouldn't it may cause harm to itself.

Unruly behavior may be a behavioral issue or a genetic disposition. Also, it could be related to things such as separation anxiety, neurologic disorders, pain, or disease. You can take your dog to a veterinarian to be sure.

If there is a health issue that is the underlying cause for your dog's poor behavior then medication or surgery may be able to help. If it is a behavioral issue your dog will need behavioral therapy. Training your dog to break a habit and behave how it should can actually be a long and hard process, but it pays off in the end.

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