What Fish Owners Should Know About Bacterial Infections

Let's talk about what fish owners should know about bacterial infections.

It is actually common for fish to die from disease and infections. Many goldfish, betta, and koi fish get bacterial infections and get ill. It is important for fish owners to be aware of prevention and treatment of bacterial infections in their fish.

Most bacterial infections can be easily avoided, yet they are a very common health problem for fish. Dirty water can often be blamed. Poor water quality is over caused by lack of cleaning, but it can also be due to overcrowding or overfeeding.

Another way that bacterial infections are introduced into an aquarium is by adding a new fish or plant that already had the infection. It can be hard to tell what's on a plant especially since bacteria can be microscopic. However, when buying new fish, thoroughly inspect them for any signs of illness. Fish should not have sores and should not be acting lethargic.

Bacterial infections can lead to things such as fin rot. Fin rot is exactly what it's name states, it is when bacteria causes a fish's fins to begin to rot away.

Fish that are stressed for any reason can develop bacterial issues more easily than a healthy fish because their immune systems are usually already compromised. If you have a tank full of fish and the water is always clean, but one fish appears to be ill, you should separate it from the others and give it medication.

Fungal infections in fish are similar to bacterial infections, but they are different. Many people often diagnose fungal infections as bacterial. A fungal infection looks like white fluffy cotton on the fish's body. Fish are beautiful creatures and they make great pets. However, fish owners often forget that simple things like letting water get dirty can lead to the death of your fish.

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