What is Lucke's Tumor?

What is Lucke's Tumor and how do we prevent such disease?

Everybody knows how horrible cancer is, but did you know that your pet amphibian could get cancer? even more surprising, your amphibian's cancer may have been caused by herpes. This may sound really strange, but it's actually true. Cancerous tumors caused by herpes is caused Lucke's Tumor. This article will discuss Lucke's Tumor which can be important for any owners of pet leopard frogs.

Lucke's Tumor was discovered in northern leopard frogs in northeastern and north-central part of the United States. This occurs in the wild, but if you got your pet frog from the wild or it was born there it is possible that is could have Lucke's Tumor.

To understand Lucke's Tumor you have to first understand herpes in frogs. The herpes virus is most prevalent in frogs during early spring in breeding ponds. The virus is most prevalent at this time of year because of the cool temperatures and the stop of hibernation. Frog eggs and embryos are most susceptible to the herpes virus which is spread by infected urine. Adults that occupy breeding ponds can also get herpes.

The herpes causes cancerous tumors in the infected frogs. However, these tumors usually don't become apparent until adulthood. The symptoms of Lucke's Tumor are tumors as well as lethargy and sometimes bloating.

There is no treatment for Lucke's Tumor. It is usually discovered after a frog has already died. If your pet frog develops Lucke's Tumor your veterinarian may recommend euthanizing the pet.

Trying to prevent Lucke's Tumor can be difficult. It's difficult to separate adult and young frogs from being in the same pond. The tumors aren't noticed until a frog is an adult so it's almost impossible to know which young frogs will have it or not. Frogs that have herpes should be separated from non-infected frogs to prevent the spread of this disease.

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