What is Mouth Rot in Reptiles?

What is mouth rot in reptiles? Well, mouth rot is the common name for Infectious Stomatitis or Ulcerative Stomatitis. These are oral infections in reptiles. These infections are fairly common in reptiles including turtles, snakes, and iguanas. The infections can spread and they can be bacterial, fungal, parasitic, or viral. Poor nutrition, poor husbandry, improper tank temperatures, and injuries can all cause mouth rot in reptiles.

Many oral infections occur after an injury. Mouth injuries can be caused by chewing on the wrong thing, bites from live prey, and accidental injuries to the nose, mouth or jaw. Turtles and tortoises tend to be more prone to bacterial and viral mouth infections that result in pneumonia when the oral bacteria spreads to the lungs. Snakes and lizards are more prone to mouth infections contracted through parasites such as ticks and mites.

Symptoms of mouth rot in reptiles include reddened or black oral tissue, lack of appetite, pus or drainage coming from mouth and nose. Mouth rot is very serious. The infection can spread causing other health issues and also because reptiles with mouth rot are not eating and drinking.

Medications such as antibiotics can treat mouth rot and antiseptics can help clean the infected areas. However, it can take a while for a reptile to fully recover and be back to its normal self, especially with eating.

The best treatment for mouth rot and all pet health issues is to prevent them. It doesn't have to be hard to prevent infections and diseases. Pets deserves the proper care and the proper care involves a nutritional diet and a clean environment with the right temperature gradients and humidity levels. That really should be too much to ask for from a reptile owner. Anyone that purchases a reptile or any pet needs to remember that it takes effort and time to keep a pet healthy.

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