What is Roaming and Marking in Dogs?

With dogs you may often hear people talking about roaming or a dog marking. What is roaming and marking in dogs? How do you know if your dog is doing these things? This article will help dog owners understand exactly what roaming and marking is.

Roaming is running away from home or wandering off. It can be an instinct, for the purpose of mating. Some health issues can actually cause hormones changes therefore resulting in a dog roaming more than usual. Some dogs roam simply to mark their territory, a big territory. Many dogs are just curious, they will leave home to explore what else is out there or they want another dog to play with. Stray dogs roam to find shelter and food.

Marking its territory is when a dog urinates or defecates in certain spots, almost creating a boundary for other dogs to smell. It is an instinct in some dogs while other dogs do it because they see or smell that other animals are doing it. Both male and female dogs can mark. Marking is sometimes done inside as well as outside. You will notice marking if you let your dog outside to do its business and it sniffs around, urinates a little bit in one spot, walks and sniffs some more, urinates a little more, and so on. While this is quite common and normal, it sometimes is more than just marking.

If a dog has diarrhea or is constipated it's owner may think the dog is just trying to mark its territory when the dog is just trying to do its business. A bladder infection can also sometimes be the cause for what you might thing is excessive marking. When a dog s marking is not the result of a health issue and the dog begins to mark its territory indoors is when it usually becomes an issue for the dog owner.

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