What To Feed a Guinea Pig

As a starting guinea pig lover, you possibly have this question in mind; "What To Feed a Guinea Pig". Let us discuss this question in here right now.

The majority of a guinea pig's food consists of hay and grass. Give your pet hay that is green and smells sweet. You can allow your guinea pig to eat your grass if it is never treated with chemicals, such as fertilizers and weed killers. Clovers and dandelions are often enjoyed by guinea pigs too. Try to avoid letting left over hay and grass remain in your pet's cage or it will wilt and become dirty and unhealthy to eat.

In a dish, you should also feed your guinea pig cut up fruits and vegetables. Make sure they are clean and fresh. These animals tend to enjoy foods such as celery and different types of melons. You can even give them vegetable peelings, and stalks. Be careful with feeding a guinea pig lettuce, too much isn't always good for it.

Guinea pig treats and dried foods are also available at pet stores. You can even buy supplements if you feel your guinea pigs diet has some gaps or if you just want to ensure that your pet is at their healthiest at all times. These supplements include vitamin C, cod liver oil, and mineral licks.

Always make sure your guinea pig has plenty of water and that it is clean. You should give it fresh water every day. Drip water bottles work very well, just make sure the bottle itself stays clean.

Clean out any leftover food in your guinea pigs cage when you can. This will prevent smell, bacteria from growing and will help make it easier on you when you need to fully clean its cage. You may also want to remove food dishes in between feedings and wash them off because your pet may sit in them or get them dirty. If you don't want your guinea pig to be hungry overnight or while you're not home, you can leave a little bit of fresh hay in its cage at all times.

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