What To Feed Pet Snakes


Let's talk about what to feed pet snakes. The type of food that you will feed your pet snake will depend on their species. All snakes eat meat, but depending on the type of snake it could require live food or pre-killed prey. Snakes will eat thing such as mice, insects, lizards, frogs, and fish.

Pre-killed food that you will want for your snake will be food that can be refrigerated. You don't want to have to go to the pet store to buy your snake food every day. If you have to special order your snake food, you may want to buy boxes and freeze the food. If your snake require live-food, you will need additional tanks or cages for its prey.

Once you know what food your snake wants you should start a feeding schedule. You will also want to keep track of what days you feed your snake and when you need to feed it again.

If you freeze the food, make sure you fully thaw it before giving it to your snake. You can also purchase calcium and vitamin D supplements for your snake to keep it healthy. These supplements can be purchased at pet stores and can be easily added to your snake's food.

If your snake isn't eating it's food, pick it up with tongs and move it around to make it appear to be live prey. If your snake then eats it, it may prefer live food. If your snake still doesn't want to eat the food, it may be sick. Knowing your snakes normal behavior and keeping track of when you feed it can help you determine if your snake is ill or not.

Another part of feeding a pet snake is to give it fresh water every day. All animals need fresh water to remain healthy.

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