What You Need To Know About Purebreds

Let's discuss what you need to know about purebreds. Many dog lovers like purebreds, they are known for their flawless lineage and beauty, however many people don't realize some purebreds have a secret. Some purebreds have a lineage that is flawed with inbreeding.

In the process of trying to breed dogs with a pure linage unfortunately some dogs are bred from a very limited gene pool which can cause genetic defects. Genetic defects are much more common in purebreds than in mix-breed dogs.

,b>Breeders and dog clubs need to be more careful to not breed dogs that come from the exact same family gene pool. If you really want a purebred dog, be cautious when it comes to breeders. Research online to find breeders that people would recommend. Talk to friends and family members about breeders they know. When you contact breeders, ask a lot of questions. Don't worry about annoying them. If you're going to spend a lot of money on a purebred dog it shouldn't be one with genetic defects that will suffer from costly health problems.

Ask about the dog parents, ask if they've been tested for genetic defects, you can even ask for references. No question is a dumb question. There are quality breeders out there and they will probably appreciate that you care enough to ask a lot of questions.

So, exactly what type of genetic defects are common in purebreds? Purebred dogs commonly have problems such as tumors, cancer, skin disease, heart disease, joint and bone disorders, epilepsy, neurological diseases, eye diseases, and diseases that affect the immune system.

 You don't want to see your dog suffering from these awful problems. Plus, if your dog does have any of these health problems is can be stressful for you and very expensive to treat.

Consider getting a mix-breed dog or be sure you ask a lot of questions about your purebred before you get it.

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