What You Need To Know About Senior Cats

Let's discuss what you need to know about senior cats. Hopefully your feline friend is lucky enough to live to be a senior citizen. If so, you have taken good care of your cat and you need to continue doing so. After reading this article you will know some things that may occur as your cat ages.

Like people cats can experience things such as loss of hair, teeth, vision, as well as fragile bones and heart disease. The best way to help prevent or monitor these things is by taking your cat for regular veterinary checkups. At least once a year, more if you have concerns or if your cat has existing health conditions. Your veterinarian can clean your cat's teeth, check it's eyes, test bone density, and much more. A veterinarian can tell you if there are things you should keep an eye on and may recommend medications. Regular checkups can keep your cat healthy even longer.

What if it's past the point of prevention? If your cat has thinning hair, there isn't a huge health risk. Just make sure your pet stays warms during the cold months and that it's bare skin is not exposed to sun during the summer. When it comes to teeth loss, just try to clean your cat's teeth to prevent loss of all of its teeth. You should also switch its diet to only canned wet food, dry food is too hard for a toothless cat to eat. Hard food could possibly lead to teeth breaking off as well.

If your cat has eyesight problems a routine can be very helpful. Keep everything where your cat is familiar with. If you move your cat's litter box and it can't see well it will end up having accidents. Keep litter box, food dish, water bowl, bed, in the same spots that they have always been. If you're afraid that your cat may break a bone jumping up and down from its favorite spots you may want to get your cat some type of steps or step stool so they can easily reach a window sill or furniture.

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