What's The Right Size Dog Breed For Your Home?

What's the right size dog breed for your home? The decision to get a dog may be a quick one or one you think about for awhile. When you make that decision there are only more decisions to come and one of them is the breed and size of the dog you want. Size is important when choosing dogs and this article will explain why.

If you are adopting an adult dog it's easy to see their size. If you are getting a puppy you have to be sure that you understand how big it will get someday and also that that someday isn't all too far away. If you live in an apartment and plan on moving to a bigger place, you might think it's okay to get a large breed puppy because they will be okay in your apartment. However, something unexpected can happen and you might not be able to move. It's not fair to have a large dog crammed into a small apartment where it can barely play or move.

Dogs deserve to be comfortable so you have to consider size. If you have a house and a yard then size doesn't matter as much because you can probably house any size dog. However, if you have children maybe you'd prefer a medium sized dog instead of a large breed. Don't forget to also consider the temperament of different breeds. Some dogs are good around small children, some breeds are high energy, etc.

So, what breeds are good choices for people in apartments? Breeds such as the following: Pug, Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Bulldog, Shi Tzu, Dachshund, Bichon Frise, Basset Hound, Beagle, Maltese, Miniature Schnauzer, and Terriers such as Yorkshire and Jack Russel.  

Something else to consider is what dogs are likely to bark and make more noise than another breed. If you live in an apartment your neighbors will not appreciate a dog that barks all the time. This can be fixed with training, but keep in mind that some breeds feel more of a need to be watchdogs than others.

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