Which Breeds are Kid Friendly Dogs?

Which breeds are kid friendly dogs? If you have children it can make it more difficult to choose a breed of dog to get. You want a dog that is the right size, one that will play well with kids and never bite them. Being around children takes a lot of energy and patience which not all breeds have. After reading this article you will know some of the most kid-friendly dog breeds.

The Vizsla is a breed that not many people are familiar with. This breed of dog is smart, quiet and gentle. They can learn tricks and don't make your house smell like dog. The Vizsla is affectionate, obedient and is an amazing family dog.

The Newfoundland is a very patient, kind, loving, and protective breed. They are a large dog but they are gentle. This breed really has an amazing personality and the perfect disposition for being around children of any age. The Newfoundland does drool and shed, but what do you expect from a dog.

Labrador Retrievers are often the most popular dog breed in America. Therefore, it's no surprise that they are kid-friendly dogs. They are playful, and full of energy while being protective, smart, and loving.

Golden Retrievers are also great family dogs. This breed is smart, patient, and loyal. This breed also needs a lot of exercise which isn't a problem with kids in the house.

Bulldogs make great family dogs. They aren't the most energetic, but they are friendly, loyal, and will even roughhousing with kids. Bulldogs aren't big so they are a good size for children of all ages, their size also makes them good apartment dogs. This breed is also good if you have other dogs or pets in the house.

The Beagle is also kid-friendly. This breed isn't large, but they're not too small. They are smart, have energy and love to play.

,b>Collies make for a gentle, family dog. They rarely ever bit and can be easily trained. Therefore, if you've never had a dog before the Collie may be a good choice for you. Collies are also protective and get along great with kids. This breed does have long hair so they do require regular grooming.

The Bull Terrier is a companion dog, they love adults and children. The great thing about this breed is that they can take pain therefore they are great for kids that are rambunctious and like to wrestle.

Make sure you do research and find the dog that is the best fit for your living situation and family.

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