Why Does My Dog Eat Grass?

Why does my dog eat grass? Dog owners always wonder why their dogs eat grass. Many people have different reasons that they believe to be true, but what really is the truth behind this grass eating pooch debacle?

Many dog owners don't even realize that their dogs are omnivores, not carnivores like cats. Therefore, it really isn't that strange for a dog to chew on some grass now and again. In some cases, dogs like to eat grass every day. So, should you be worried about this? Many experts don't thinks so. Many dogs are just seeking plants to eat as an alternative food source from the pet food they eat every day. Dogs in the wild have been known to eat their prey as well as things like plants, fruits, etc. Grass is just the most common plant around most of our dogs.

If your dog wants to eat grass why does it usually vomit after eating grass? Dogs may sometimes eat grass if they are feeling ill. Dogs can't go into the house and take medicine. If your dog has an upset stomach or something of that nature it may eat grass in hopes that it's a remedy. If a dog nibbles on a little grass and chews it up it will probably be fine and it probably wanted to eat it. If a dog is feeling sick and eats grass without chewing it, the grass blades actually tickle the throat and/or stomach lining causing the dog to vomit.

Either way grass doesn't harm your pooch. As long as it's just grass and you don't have chemicals sprayed on it your dog will be fine. If your dog vomits the grass, the grass is out of the dog and can't harm it. If the grass is eaten then it may have nutrients that your dog was craving and therefore the grass is healthy.

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