Why Does My Dog Scratch the Ground After Doing its Business?

Why does my dog scratch the ground after doing its business

Every day you take your dog outside to do its business, have you ever notice it scratching the ground or kicking up grass after relieving itself? You've probably wondered why. This article will explain why many dogs do that.

Scratching the ground after urinating or defecating is a communication tool. Most dogs use the hind legs to scratch in a backward motion. It's a way for dogs to send a message to others. It's a message of boundaries and dominance. Not only can this type of action be seen in domestic dogs, but it has also been seen in wolves as well.

Many dogs relief themselves in multiples spots, instead of just going at once. This is also their way of marking their territory. So, why do they scratch or scrape the ground? Dogs actually have scent glands between the pads of their paws. When a dog scrapes the ground, they are leaving traces of their scent. A dog's scent can be a sign of their dominance, gender, availability for mating, etc. Not only do their scent glands leave scent, but their urine does as well. Urinating and then scraping leaves not only one unique scent, but two.

Some dogs will also scratch the ground and kick up grass after that have defecated. This is for the same reasons as doing it after urinating.

Dogs can be protective of their property and family, however, in many dogs the scratching is like an instinct. It's the natural wolf instinct inside of them. They probably don't even real think about what they are doing. If the scratching is ruining your grass, it will probably take quite some time to train your dog to stop doing it.

Now you have a better understanding of your dog's "strange" behavior.

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