Why Dogs Dig and Ways to Stop It

It can be very frustrating when your dog won't stop digging holes all around your yard. After reading this article you will know why dogs dig and ways to stop it.

Some dogs dig when they get bored, so don't let them get bored. Play with them or give them toys. Don't just let your dog outside by themselves for a really long time. Play fetch, throw a frisbee, give them a new toy, go for a walk, etc.

If it is hot outside, a dog will dig to get to moist, cool soil. To avoid this type of digging, give your dog plenty of water, put them in the shade, or put them inside when they start getting hot.

If you have a fenced in yard, your dog may dig at the fence in an effort to escape. To prevent this, take your dog for walks around your neighborhood or take them to the park. They may be bored with your yard and want to escape to a new environment. Also, you can dig a trench around your fence and fill it with bricks, large stones, cement, so that your dog cannot escape.

Some dogs may actually dig to get your attention similar to a child behaving badly in order to get attention. This may mean that you need to be spending more time with your dog.

Also, keep in mind that when you garden your dog will see you digging and think it's okay. So, do gardening without your dog outside.

Whatever the reason for your dog's digging, there are ways to prevent it. Observe when your dog digs. If you know why they are doing it you will be able to know the right solution to use so that you can stop having a yard full of holes.

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