Why Is My Cat Being Aggressive?

Why is my cat being aggressive? Let's talk about that.

You love your cat, but does it sometimes act too aggressive? Cats are great small furry pets, but they can be difficult to deal with if they are hissing, scratching or biting. This article will examine aggression in cats.

First, it's important to understand why cats may act aggressively. Aggression in cats can by caused by fear or the need to protect itself, but it can also be caused by a health condition.

If you're a first time cat owner or just not sure how aggressive cats normally are the following are symptoms of aggression: hissing, swatting, scratching others, pouncing, arched back, tail straight up, dilated pupils, teeth showing, staring, and raised hair along the cat's back.

These things are normal for a cat that is hunting, fighting, or if a cat senses some type of threat or danger. However, this type of behavior shouldn't happen in a safe home and your cat shouldn't attack you.

If your cat is being aggressive for what appears to be no reason, there probably is a reason behind it. Cats can sometimes get grumpy and be in a bad mood just like humans sometimes are and this may cause them to act out. In some causes cats may actually be born with a grumpy and aggressive disposition. This usually seems to happen to cats that were never around humans when they are young. They fear humans and see them as a danger, they don't know how to properly interact with humans so they appear to always be grumpy and aggressive.

If your cat is acting aggressively and you have other pets, that might be your answer. Whether it's other cats or a dog, your cat may be aggressive to try to be in the hierarchy of pets in your home. They want to be the boss of the other pets, and they want to establish their own territory in the home.

Kittens sometime appear aggressive, but it's usually because they are learning to hunt. They may also not be sure about humans yet, or in many causes they just don't know how to play without being aggressive.

If your cat is a rescue, they may have been abused, or traumatized by their previous owner. They may act aggressive out of fear. If you are rough with these type of cats or try to cage them, it may remind them of their awful past and cause them to act out.

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