Why Is My Dog Aggressive Towards Other Dogs?

Why is my dog aggressive towards other dogs? You may expect your dog to get along with other dogs as if they have some special bond. However, you may find out that your dog is aggressive towards other dogs. Does your dog simply not like some dogs just like not all people like each other? Is this type of aggression normal? This article can hopefully answer those questions and more.

Aggression between dogs is somewhat normal in the fact that it does happen. However, you don't want to allow your dog to be aggressive. It can actually cause problems for not only your dog, but you. If your dog is overly aggressive it may start fighting with other dogs. Dog fights can lead to injuries and possibly death. You don't want your dog to get injured and you don't want to be responsible another dog's injuries.

Aggression in dogs is usually growling, snarling lips, raised back or hair, biting, etc. What causes dogs to be so aggressive? Dogs such as pit bulls may have aggression in their genes since many are bred to fight. Some dogs are very happy and nice, but act aggressive when they feel like they need to protect their house or family. Dogs that are trying to establish their place on a type of dog hierarchy may be aggressive towards others to prove their dominance. Other cases of aggression in dogs are actually the result of pain, discomfort, and illness.

Take your dog to a veterinarian if they are behaving aggressively. You want to rule out any medical problems. If it is a medical issue catching it early often helps and treatment options may be available. If the aggression is a behavioral issue, you should look into getting a professional dog trainer or researching things that you can do to train your dog to stop its aggressive ways.