Why Is Your Dog Barking?

Why is your dog barking? Well, if you're interested then read on. This article discusses reasons for barking and ways to prevent it.The best way to stop barking is actually to prevent it from the start. Train your dog when they are a puppy. Now, that isn't always the case. You may have gotten your dog when they were already a adult, or you didn't realize how annoying your dog's barking was until it has gone on for years. Well, there is a way to stop your dog's barking.

Some people go for the collars that they can put on their dog and give them a zap whenever they bark. You can also buy no-bark devices that are like a remote that sends out a noise that only dogs can hear and it bothers them therefore resulting in being quiet. However, there are other options that don't require any technology.

First, try to understand why your dog is barking. If your dog seems lethargic, is limping, or exhibits any other abnormal behavior and is barking excessively you should take them to a vet. However, if your dog appears to be happy, healthy, and not in any pain then an illness, injury, or disease is probably not the cause. So, does your dog bark because it's stressed, to get your attention, because its territorial, etc. Try to figure this out. Your dog probably barks for multiple reasons, so at least determine what causes the unnecessary barking.

Scold your dog simply by saying "no!" Do not hit or kick your dog when it barks. Do not scold it if it's only barking as a way to express an emotion such as excitement. Remember, dogs can't talk, so they have to bark sometimes. You only want to stop unnecessary barking.

If your dog barks at strangers or cars outside, eliminate their view of the street and sidewalk. Close your blinds or curtains. You may only want to allow your dog a view of your yard. If you dog barks when people come over, ensure your dog that the guests are okay. Hugs them or greet them in some way that shows they are welcome. If your dog barks at strangers that try to enter your house, you may use a command to tell your dog to stop, but don't punish them for this. Keep in mind that barking at strangers entering the house may not always be a bad thing.

Always give your dog attention, play with them, and make them feel happy and relaxed. If your dog is relaxed them may not bark so much. Also, before you start any training make sure your dog understands that you are the boss, the leader of the pack. If your dog feels like you are a protector, they may feel less of a need to be territorial and bark.

If you are having difficulty getting your dog to stop barking or want more training options, consult a veterinarian or pet trainer.

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