Why Size Matters When Choosing Dogs

Let's discuss why size matters when choosing dogs. When you're deciding on a dog to bring home you probably think about things like breed and disposition. You may also think about size, but figure it's in the future and doesn't make much of a difference. Size does matter when choosing a dog or a puppy. After reading this article you will have better understanding of what size dog is probably right for you.

Why does size matter? It depends on what type of dog you like and how big your home and yard are. Not everybody likes large dogs. Do you want a dog that can be almost as tall as you when its jumping up on you? Do you like little dogs or are you afraid you might step on it? Do you live in a small apartment or a fairly big home? Do you have a yard? These things all matter when choosing a dog.

Not everybody likes all dogs and all breeds are different. Some breeds of dogs are more relaxed and wouldn't mind just lounging in an apartment all day while other breeds need room to walk around, explore, and play. Some breeds also require more exercise and therefore need a yard where they can run around daily.

You want the day you choose to be healthy and happy, therefore you must consider all of these things. You may also want to think about things like if you want a dog that can sit on your lap or sleep in your bed without taking up the entire thing. Other people don't want cuddly dogs, they would prefer larger dogs.

If you are getting a puppy, make sure you know how big the puppy will be when it becomes an adult. Also, do not assume it will take a long time for a puppy to reach its full grown size. Puppies grow quickly. Therefore, if you live in a small apartment and plan on moving to somewhere larger, you may just want to put off getting a large breed puppy until you have moved.

Choosing the right size dog will make both you and your new dog comfortable and happy.

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