Why You Need To Trim Cat Claws

Let's discuss why you need to trim cat claws. Like human nails, cats need their claws trimmed to prevent them from splitting and breaking. Another good reason to trim your feline's claws is so that they don't scratch and ruin your furniture. After reading this article you will have a better understanding of how you should trim cat claws.

Cats don't really like when people hold their paws so it's best to start trimming them on a regular basis when they are younger so that they become accustomed to it. If you got your cat as an adult you can also just condition your cat to not mind having its paws touched. When it's laying down and relaxing pet its paws. While petting its paws also pet its back and under its chin.

In order to trim the claw you will need to hold the paw and gently squeeze it until the claw push out so you can see them better. You should see the white claw and pink tissue inside. You should notice that the pink tissue ends before the tip of the nail. Cut the nail where it is all white. If you cut the claw too short, into where the pink is your cat will bleed and be in pain.

Carefully trim each claw as long as your cat allows you to. When trying to trim your cat's claws give it treats and praise for cooperating. Try to make the experience as painless and positive as possible. Keep your cat happy, not scared. If your cat is pulling away, meowing, tries to bite or scratch you then don't force it to stay and get its claws trimmed. Simply let your cat walk away and try again in a few hours or on a different day. If you fight with your cat and force it to get its claws cut it will only make it harder to do in the future.

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