Why You Should Brush Your Dog's Teeth

Let's discuss why you should brush your dog's teeth. You love your dog and don't mind if it gives you kisses, that is unless it has stinky breath. "Dog breath" can be gross and if there was a way to prevent it wouldn't you do it? This article will discuss how to care for your dog's teeth and mouth in order to keep your pooch's teeth healthy and prevent things such as bad breath.

Most dogs don't get their teeth brushed and while it may not affect them it could. Yes, dogs have clean mouths, but think about all the things that they chew on. Sticks, bones, toys, rocks, and many other things that shouldn't be chewed on. These hard objects can break and damage teeth. You may have insurance to cover your dental costs, but think about how much money will have to come out of your pocket if your dog has something wrong with its teeth. A broken tooth could be painful and cause your dog not to eat. Dental care is important in dogs.

Another reason it is so important is because dogs can get cavities too. Cavities are another thing that can be painful. You don't want your pooch to be in pain and unable to eat or chew on its favorite bone. Brushing your dog's teeth can prevent tartar from building up and causing cavities.

If you get a puppy start brushing their teeth regularly from the start. It's never too late to start brushing a pet's teeth, however an adult dog will probably not cooperative with teeth brushing if it's never had it done before.

If you think that brushing your dog's teeth is a hassle or that it's pointless think about how much money you could save just from spending a few minutes brushing your dog's teeth. Plus, if you brush your dog's teeth regularly you may not mind its kisses anymore since they won't have stinky dog breath.

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