Why Your Adult Dog Is Having Accidents

Let's discuss about why your adult dog is having accidents. You went through the process of house breaking your dog when it was a happy, but now it's having accidents in the house again. Before you get mad at your dog or punish it for going to the bathroom inside the house you may want to read this article.

Dealing with accidents in the house is frustrating for a dog owner, but it can be for a dog as well. Some dogs experience incontinence which is when your dog loses its ability to control its bladder and bowel movements. They don't mean to go inside the house, it just happens.

The obvious symptoms of incontinence is having accidents in the house, but what other signs can you look for? If your dog has incontinence they may not want to be touched near their tail and they may not be able to move their tail. Also, their abdomen may appear bloated and your dog may scoot around with its bottom on the floor.

This mostly occurs in older dogs. It is very uncommon in younger dogs. There are other conditions that can cause dogs to urinated or defecate in the house. That is why it's so important to go to a veterinarian and find out the exact cause so it can be properly treated.

Incontinence is a condition that is typically caused by things such as injury to a dog's tail or spine as well as intestinal disorders and gland diseases. If you believe your dogs has this, take them to a veterinarian for a proper diagnosis.

Your veterinarian will probably perform a physical examination of your dog, as you about its medical history, any injuries, its symptoms, etc. After running blood tests and a urinalysis, your veterinarian can probably determine the underlying cause. While in some cases the incontinence is an accident related to a health issue, in some cases a veterinarian can determine that it is simply a behavioral issue. 

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