Winter Pet Care

Let's talk about winter pet care.

If you don't live somewhere that has warm winters, you need to be prepared for freezing temperatures and snow. During the winter months your pet may need extra care. This article will discuss winter pet care so you and your pet can have a safe and happy winter.

Some pets love to be outside and if you have a fenced in yard, that can be fine during warm months, however you may want to decide on keeping your pet inside for those times when it's below freezing. If you do decide to let your pet remain outside, make sure they have a shelter that snow or wind can't get in. Also, you should give your pet some type of heating blanket and fresh water every day because their water is likely to freeze. If your pet is living outside you will also have to realize that they will probably be hungrier than normal. It takes more energy to stay warm during the winter. 

If your pet lives inside, they probably won't be hungrier during the winter months. In fact, indoor pets tend to sleep more often during the winter, therefore they conserve energy and may eat less than their normal amount of food. 

Keep a close eye on your pets when they are outside during the winter. Pets like the taste of antifreeze, but it is deadly. During the winter antifreeze sometimes leaks from cars a little bit. If your pet takes even one lick of the chemical can cause them to become very ill or die.

If you or your neighbors have cats that go outside during the winter, be careful when you start your car. Cats are attracted to warm motors and will climb up into a vehicle. This can be extremely dangerous if you start the car when the cat is napping under your hood.

Keeping your pets indoors during the winter is the best way to keep them safe.

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