Your Guide to Building a Dog House

Let's discuss your guide to building a dog house. If your dog is outside a lot then it needs a cozy house. Let your dog be the envy of your neighbor's dog by building it its very own customized castle. Okay, well maybe it won't be a castle, but you can build your furry best friend a really nice dog house that will last for years. The following article explains how you can build your own dog house with just simple hammer and drill skills.

When building a dog house you need to make sure that it is roomy enough for your dog to be able to move around in. However, if you make a dog house too large then it won't be as warm and cozy during the colder months. Come up with dimensions that will work with the size of your dog. Go to a hardware store or local lumber yard to get wood for your dog house. Plywood and chipboard can be used, or anything wood that is non-toxic. Also, purchase flooring and roofing materials.

Once you have all your supplies you can start building a base for the structure. The dog house needs to be a couple inches off the ground and should be slightly slanted to make it drain easily after cleaning. Having the dog house off the ground prevents moisture from getting in it. You can build a hollow platform as a base or create stilts.

After you complete the base put on the floor then the sides. You will also need a door. Inspect the dog house and make sure there are no sharp or rough edges. Then, you will need to add the roof. You can make it detachable or attached.

Lastly, add some outdoor furniture cushions inside the dog house so your dog can be comfortable. If you build your dog house well you shouldn't need another one for many years.

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