Is it possible to help people when you're allergic to cats? During the pet food recall, this is a serious question!

The problem is that it's hard to help other people when you're allergic to cats. The pet food recall has impacted a lot of people in a lot of ways. This is Simon's story.

"My in-laws have 2 cats in their home, one of which is really my wife’s that she got before we were married. I am allergic to cats and this is why we did not take her cat Oreo when my wife moved in with me.

"Oreo is a larger cat. When he walks his stomach pretty much grazes the floor. I would say it is safe to say Oreo likes food, but in reality, he loves it. Oreo will eat and eat and eat, as long as the food is there. So my in-laws put the bowl out of reach when they think he has had enough.

"Oreo is also known to claw the bag of food he finds on the floor, until he can get at the food. Since my wife had not seen her parents since this whole "pet food recall" fiasco, she had not spoken to my mother in-law about if the food she was feeding the cats was on this list.

"My mother in-law is not the most technically savvy of people, and did not know how to find the "pet food recall" list online to verify she was feeding the cats uncontaminated food.

"When I was over, since this got brought up, I Googled and printed the list for my mother in-law. We did not see the typical food she fed them on this list, but she bought a new kind but had not fed the cats the food yet as the old stuff was not gone yet. When she went to get the new bag to see if it was on the list, she found that good old Oreo had already "tasted" this food!

"The cats have been fine thus far, and we have not told my wife that this happened as she would get pretty upset."

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