Animal Urine Cover Up Is Impossible But Other Remedies Are Available

This article aims to provide alternatives to animal urine cover up. The solutions that will be discussed are sure to remove dog urine smell and dog urine stains with utmost efficiency.

Dogs are creatures of habit. This, of course, is both a good and a bad thing.

Good because such a behavior makes dogs very trainable. Just repeat a pattern and, more often than not, the dog will pick it up and learn the same.

Bad because, well, if a dog pees on a certain spot, chances are, he will keep peeing on the same area over and over and over again. Animal urine cover up becomes almost impossible.

Not only will this be quite a hassle for the dog owner, as he'd clean up the mess every time the dog will dispose of his excess liquids, but it will also leave bad -- and oftentimes unbearable -- smell on the floor. If the dog has decided that the front lawn will be his peeing ground, prepare yourself for countless crooked-faced visitors trying to ward off the smell as politely as they can. If your canine companion decides to make the house next door's front lawn as his own private outdoor restroom, prepare yourself for some really peeved neighbors.

Regardless of the situation, something must be done about the awful stench that canine urine leaves behind.

The problem is, covering up such a smell is virtually impossible. The odor is just too strong and too pervasive to mask.

Thankfully, alternatives to animal urine cover up are widely available in the market to remedy this very problem. Indeed, getting rid of the repugnant smell of dog urine can be very difficult. You can wash and wash the affected surface with water and soap, but if the dog has marked that spot as his urinal of sorts, the smell will remain.

Urine smell removers can come in spray form. Popular products like Nature's Miracle and Urine Off offer easy-to-use spray cans/bottles that eliminate the odor of dog and cat pee (as well as the urine of other animals).

These brands also offer shampoo-like solutions that remove the stains left behind by animal urine.

Also, these popular brands likewise offer dog training sprays -- simply use the spray on the area where you want your dog to urinate and he will induce such a bodily process whenever he will visit that spot. In due time, he will be marking that spot as his new urinal.

One big problem that requires other alternatives to animal urine cover up is when the dog has designated the carpet as his peeing spot. Now, carpets are hard to clean as they are. But when the dog urinates on a carpet, the smell will stick faster on the furry surface and it will smell much worse than if the dog peed on the concrete floor.

Specialized dog urine cleaner kits are available to remedy such a problem. These kits are composed of a variety of chemicals, particular combinations of which are meant to purify dog urine carpet cases.

As a dog owner, you don't have to endure the terrible smell and the unsightly stains left behind by canine urine. Animal urine cover up is easier if you avail yourself of the many solutions that you can buy from popular stores and from online sources and exorcise your household of these cursed byproducts of habit.

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