Looking for cat urine cleaner or cat urine removal products?

This article will provide you with useful cat urine cleaner and cat urine elimination information. Furthermore, you'll learn more about the reasons why your cat has urinated in the wrong place. This will help you prevent the problem, not just fix it when it happens.

Aside from being lovable and sensitive animals, most cats have good hygiene. Furthermore, you don't have to walk cats to allow them to urinate and poop. No early morning issues and no walking in the insane heat or deep snow. Cats are usually pretty convenient. They like to be clean and their instincts compel them to relieve themselves in soft, comfortable and private places. This was the genesis of cat litter and the little box.

The problem is that there are times when your cat does not relieve herself inside the litter box. In some cases, the litter box gets full so your cat urinates in a bad place. In other cases, your feline friend will be upset or angry. The result is a smelly mess. We'll talk more about the root causes of cat urination problems in just a moment.

Cat Urine Problems

Cat urine cleaner is important for two simple reasons. First, cat urine stains. It is a visual issue. Second, it smells. It sometimes stinks really bad. Unfortunately, urine soaks in to many things which makes it very difficult to handle. The longer you wait, the worse it gets.

Let's go about some of the reasons why cats relieve themselves outside of the litter box. The main reason maybe your cat is experiencing stress. There are stimuli which can stress felines like the entry of a new pet or a new family member. The cat may manifest her stress by peeing on different places.

Another possible scenario is that your cat has some urinary tract problem. When she is experiencing pain while in the litter box, she then associates the pain with the litter box. In turn, your cat seeks other places to relieve herself, hoping that the pain will go away. The best thing to do is to consult a veterinarian and have him look at the cat. For what it is worth, you can monitor urinary tract problems, such as feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD), with litter.

Basic Tips for Cat Urine Elimination

There are several cat urnine cleaners which can be used to counter the odor and remove the stain of cat urine. These substances can either contain bacteria, enzymes or man-made chemicals. Products such as Anti-Icky-Poo and Odorfix are some of the more prominent brands in the market which can remove cat urine odors and stains. For what it is worth, I strongly recommend products from Odor Destroyer.

Removing cat urine from hardwood

One of the most unfortunate events that can happen to hardwood flooring is for the cat to pee on it. Cat stains turn black in hardwood and can become nearly impossible to fix if left for a long time. You must act quickly.

There are some simple cat urine cleaner home remedies that cat owners can employ to remove the stain and the odor of cat urine from hardwood. Hydrogen peroxide is usually effective and the cost is low.

The hydrogen peroxide should be poured over the stained wood and be left to dry. If necessary, this should be done several times. The wood will eventually turn white and will be free of the stain. The only problem is to re-coat or re-stain the wood so as to make the color consistent with the rest of the floor. Polyurethane can be applied to make sure that the odor is eliminated.

Removing cat urine from carpets

Carpets are good targets for cats who would want to relieve themselves. If the urine is spotted while it is still wet, it should be soaked up as soon as possible with tissue paper or an old rag or towel. Gentle pressure should be applied so that it can absorb as much urine as possible. This should be done several times until no drop is left.

An enzyme-based cat urine cleaner should then be applied to the area. Leave it to dry. Then, carpet shampoo can be applied. A good trick here is to use a citrus-smelling shampoo. I've seen a couple of reports that indicate that cats don't like the smell of citrus and they will stay away from the affected area.

Removing cat urine from clothing

Clothes can be soaked in baking soda and water to get the odor of cat urine out. Lime juice can be applied to the spot where the urine is located. Lime has cleaning properties and has the ability to mostly eliminate the smell. For more sensitive fabrics, one should consult a professional with regards to the kind of cleaner to use so as to avoid damaging the fabric. You'll need to call a professional in severe cases since a simple cat urine cleaner might not do the trick.

Final Comments About Serious Cat Urine Problems

We've discussed the reasons why cats urinate outside their litter boxes. We've also reviewed a few simple remedies for eliminating cat urine odors and stains.

Always make sure that your cat is healthy and happy, this will prevent unwanted random stains and nasty cat smells. You can learn more about cat urine removers as well as pet odor issues in an exclusive Pet Comfort Product interview with Philip Doolittle of OdorDestroyer.com.