Bulk Bully Sticks (Wholesale Buying Secrets Revealed)

Buy bulk bully sticks to save money. Likewise, buy wholesale bully sticks to keep your costs down. This article gives you exactly the right advice on choosing the right dog pizzle sticks.

Bulk bully sticks are one of the best all natural chews you can give your dog. With all the dog food scares that have been making headlines, it is best to check that what you are giving your dog is safe to chew on and digest.

This article explores the bully stick manufacturing process and the advantages of sticking with bully sticks or beef pizzles as they are called.

Given below are some tips to help you check out the product you are buying:

* Bully sticks are a natural product made from beef tendons or beef muscles (beef penises) and you need to make sure that they are hormone and chemical free.

* Check that the cattle they come from are USDA inspected.

* Bully sticks should be color, filler and preservative free.

In order to get to the finished product the bully stick undergoes a very long manufacturing process that involves cleaning and draining process; at this stage it is odor free and is stretched; it is also twisted in curls or braided and then dried.

Once drying is complete it is smoked to give it flavor and then cut in different lengths and packed for sale. These chews can be bought in small packets if you have a small dog because they do last long. For bigger dogs it is best to buy them in bulk. This is how you get bulk bully sticks and wholesale pizzle sticks.

There is danger or side effects associated with giving your dog bully sticks to chew. Being all natural, they are full of proteins, moisture, fiber and ash with a very limited fat content and very easily digestible. When you choose high quality bulk bully sticks you get:

* Healthy, long lasting chews and dogs are more favorably inclined towards bully sticks than rawhide chews.

* These are all natural chews made from tendons and muscles taken from high grade cattle, not made from skin like rawhide.

* Chewing on the bully sticks will help to exercise the dog’s mouth muscles, clean the teeth and prevent tartar and acid build up.

* These sticks are very good for teething puppies that need to gnaw on something, to relieve the pain and irritation of new teeth pushing out of the gums. Also the tough chews will stimulate fast teeth growth.

* No artificial coloring so the chews will not stain carpets and furniture.

* The bully sticks are very natural and the absence of additives or chemicals facilitates easy digestion.

* Dogs are kept fully occupied with their bully chews and have no time to sample bites out of your dressing gown or sofa.

* You can get the new almost odor free due to extra drying or the regular ones with a slight odor that some dogs fancy.

Buying bulk bully sticks when you have a big dog is best, because these lovely chews tend to disappear very quickly with a big guy around. A word of advice, always make sure you are around when your dog is chewing – he is quite likely to tear off a chunk and swallow it.


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