Dog Not Eating His Food?

Dog not eating his food? Read this article. I discuss the quality of dog food, dog food products, wet and dry dog food, and more.

On the subject of dog food I always have a debate when I go to buy the food, I never know whether to buy the budget food from the mini-market or the proper food from the veterinarian. The difference in price is astronomical and my decision is usually based on how much money I have in my pocket a the time I am shopping!

The way I see it, all dog foods are produced with the animals in mind and all the foods I have bought have all looked tasty, I am less worried about the nutrients in the food providing my dogs look healthy.

I believe you would soon know if I dog wasn’t eating properly as it would not have a shiny coat and would soon lose weight. For my older dog I am not interested in ingredients, brand name or nutritional value – only on the consistency of the food.

Unless there is plenty of juice my dog simply won’t go near his food – despite how hungry she must be. My puppy will eat anything which is a blessing and for her I tend to go with whatever food I pick for the older dog mixed in with some dried puppy food.

Dog Not Eating His Food? What About Meal Times?

Meal times at our house are twice a day with the dogs getting fed as soon as they get up and then before bedtime. Both dogs are fed a mixture of wet and dried food which they love.

They are also privileged on days when we have leftovers from our meal as we will mix some of our leftovers into their bowls which usually means the food gets eaten twice as quickly. They are so funny when they eat, both dogs will start at their own bowls and finish at each others, it’s just so cute.

As for the idea of organic dog food, there is no way the dogs are going to notice the difference in the food so unless the price is competitive I don’t think we would invest in it.

As well as their food our dogs love little snacks and titbits, frankfurter sausages are their favorite and we use them in our training exercises.

They have been taught all sorts of commands with the use of a frankfurter as a reward. Overall providing our dogs are happy and healthy then we must be doing something right and the food we give them is at the heart of this.


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