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This article is about dog food nutrition and dog food labels.

Did you know that manufacturers of all commercial dog foods are legally required to provide very specific information on the label. This very specific information includes the name of the product, guaranteed analysis of the product, ingredient guarantees, Nets wait out the food, and the name and address of the dog food manufacturer or dog food distributor.

Here the most important dog food nutrition materials to look for on the label. First is the ingredient list. This is a full listing of all ingredients in the dog food. Second there is a statement of the nutritional fulfillment. This tells you what the food does for your canine. The pet food label must also include something called guaranteed analysis. This is an indication of a review of the various materials and foods that go into a product.

In the United States all dog foods that are sold on the market are required to be registered with state feed control officials. They must also contain all approved ingredients. That means, in simple terms, that all the ingredients are safe.

This registration is also an important because it forces dog food manufacturers to provide dog food nutrition information and details about special additives or ingredients used to prevent disease or keep the food together.

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It's a little known fact that when about foods include disease prevention ingredients they are considered to be injected with drugs. Therefore, some dog foods must be approved by the FDA.

The dog food label includes something called guaranteed analysis. This is the part of the label that lists the minimal amounts of basic protein and basic fat. Some people call this crude protein and crude fat. The guaranteed analysis part of the label also includes the maximum amount of water and basic fiber included. Note that this guaranteed analysis does not include the actual amount of protein water fiber or fat in the dog food.

The ingredient list on the dog food label must be listed in descending order of weight in the food. For example, if beef is the main ingredient, it must be listed first. It's important to know that no reference or indication of quality were grayed out an ingredient can be allowed on the dog food label in the ingredient list. The real value of the ingredient list on the dog food label is helping you determine the source of protein and carbohydrate for your canine.

The statement other dog food nutritional adequacy on the label of the food indicates how it was tested. For example, it could have been tested through feeding and natural environment or via laboratory analysis. It also will indicate the life stage for which the food is intended. Basically this is an indication of how well the product is balanced for the needs of your dog. Note that this kind of information is not included on snack or treat product labels, in most cases.


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