The Benefits of Compressed Rawhide Bones

Compressed rawhide bones, like bully sticks and pressed rawhide chew sticks, can be great for your dog's teeth and chewing muscle. Learn how pressurized rawhide can be good for the health of your canine.

You have an aggressive canine chewer on your hands, so what do you do? Compressed rawhide bones are the answer.

These bones are made from pressed rawhide, which is compressed to make them stronger and tougher and longer lasting. Giving your dog rawhide bones is a sign of your affection true, but it is also one of the best ways to keep his teeth tartar free and his mouth clean.

This article will talk about rawhide bones in detail, which will be useful for you when choosing chew bones for your dog.

Giving a dog real bones that come off a joint of roast meat or lamb is not good for the digestive system and can cause wear and tear on the teeth. It's also dangerous due to choking hazards.

However, dogs being dogs are chewy by nature and giving them a rawhide bone will keep them busy for hours on end. They enjoy that feeling of gnawing on something and it sure keeps them off your bedroom slippers and furniture!

We need to understand that dogs are highly intelligent animals and can get bored just as easily as human beings do and giving them a bone to chew on will help relieve that boredom.

Some of the benefits of giving a dog a compressed rawhide bones to chew on are:

* Dental: an excellent method to scrape away plaque; control tartar build up, prevent yellow teeth and periodontal disease. The action of bone against teeth helps scrape off the most stubborn plaque and leaves the teeth looking cleaner and healthier. The absence of tartar means your dog will not suffer from foul odor of the mouth.

* Dogs are born with the urge to chew and when they are puppies – watch out! Nothing in the house will be safe. Giving the dog a rawhide bone to chew on means your personal belongings will be relatively safe – but a word of advice, don’t take your eyes of the little guy or gal!

* You are probably well aware of the importance of keeping your dog exercised, fit and healthy. It is equally important that you keep him occupied because when boredom sets in the mischief begins. Giving the dog a rawhide bone will keep him busy and happy for simply ages.

Puppies benefit from chewing on rawhide bones because the chewing action stimulates the growth of teeth. For the adult dogs the chewing helps to develop and exercise their jaw muscles.

You can choose compressed rawhide bones for your dog from a range of flavors and sizes. Always get something that matches the size of your dog keeping in mind that the dog should be able to comfortably hold the compressed rawhide bone while chewing.


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