Trying to Fix Dog Eating Issues?

This article is about dog eating issues. We discuss problems like dogs eating too little or too much, behavior issues while eating dog food, and health problems associated with food consumption.

Dog eating issues are frustrating because most dogs love to eat. When they don't eat, it can be very troubling to owners. "What's going on?"

Some owners may have issues with their dog not eating food at all, or too much. There can also be behavioral problems associated with eating such as guarding food. A dog might growl or bite while having his meal. This can be a problem, especially when there are children in the home. Some eating issues are the result of health problems, which can cause the dog to experience a loss of appetite or an increase in appetite.

If the issue is the dog is eating too much food, there are several things you can try to encourage your dog to eat slower. Put the dog’s food into food dispensing puzzle toys. The dog will have to work at getting his food out, thus he will ingest more slowly. The dog will get some exercise and have a little fun too! Dogs can eat dry food quickly which can result in choking. Soak the food in water to reduce the chance that it will get caught in the dog’s throat. The wet food can also be place in the puzzle toy and then frozen. Another thing you can try to solve this dog eating issue is to put a large object in the middle of the bowl. This will slow the dog down because he has to eat around the object.

If the issue is the dog is not eating enough food, take him to the vet to rule out health issues. He may not be feeling well for some reason. Make sure he is not receiving too many treats or too much table scraps.

Another reason he may not be eating enough food is that he has discovered another source of food. He may be eating non-food items which is a condition known as pica. Dogs will sometimes eat socks, rocks, or other objects which can produce life-threatening blockages in the intestines. A specific type of pica is poop eating, either their own or that of another animal. Products exist that will cause a dog’s stool to taste bad when mixed with their food. Try to clean your yard daily, or if this is not feasible, take the dog out on a leash so he is never left unattended. Also, make sure the dog does not have access to the cat’s litter box. If the dog continues eating non-food items ask your vet if there is a dog behavioral professional in your area that can work individually with you and your dog.

It is important for a dog owner to pay attention to their pet’s eating habits to reward good behavior and watch for possible problems. There are many things that can cause eating issues in dogs. Physical and emotional changes should be addressed before they become serious.


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