Yes, Doggy Quotes!

Looking for some doggy quotes? Here are my favorate dog quotes of the day. These are great quotations about puppies and canines that you'll love too. Enjoy these silly dog quotations.

"My dog is half pit bull, half poodle. Not much of a watchdog, but a vicious gossip!"
~Craig Shoemaker

"None are as fiercely as dog. In return, no doubt, for the never-ending loyalty of dogs."
~Linda Shrieves

"Acquiring a dog may be the only opportunity a human ever has to choose a relative."
~Mordecai Siegal

"Man is an animal that makes bargains; no other animal does this - one dog does not change a bone with another."
~Adam Smith

"[My dog] can bark like a congressman, fetch like an aide, beg like a press secretary and play dead like a receptionist when the phone rings."
~Gerald B H Solomon, US Congressman, Entry in contest to identify Capitol Hill's Great American Dog, NY Times 9 Aug 86

"That indefatigable and unsavory engine of pollution, the dog."
~John Sparrow

"I am I because my little dog knows me"
~Gertrude Stein

"Some of my best leading men have been dogs and horses."
~Elizabeth Taylor

"Dogs, the foremost snobs in creation, are quick to notice the difference between a well-clad and a disreputable stranger."
~Albert Payson Terhune 'The Coming of Lad'

"A dog, I will maintain, is a very tolerable judge of beauty, as appears from the fact that any liberally educated dog does, in a general way, prefer a woman to a man."
~Frances Thompson, New York Times Magazine, May 14, 1967

"Happiness is a warm puppy."
~Charles Schulz

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