Home Remedies For Kennel Cough

Are there home remedies for kennel cough? What can you as a pet owner do to help alleviate the suffering before you can get to the vet for treatment? Read on to see some simple methods...

If you have ever had a dog who has contracted kennel cough you know what a trial it can be to help your dog get any rest.

Just like colds and flu with children and adults the symptoms of coughing and stuffiness are worse at night.

If your dog truly has kennel cough he got it either from a kennel (if he was boarded) or at a dog show you recently attended.

Kennel cough is spread through the close proximity of other dogs in less than cleanly conditions.

If you find your dog coming down with kennel cough you probably want to know about all of your treatment options including home remedies for kennel cough.

A couple of home remedies for kennel cough involve honey and steam. Honey is nature’s antibiotic and if you take some honey and drip it on your dog’s tongue the honey will coat their throat in about an hour and provide some relief from their sore throat.

Another great home remedy is to take your pet with you in the shower at the highest temperature you can stand for about 20 minutes.

The steam from the shower will alleviate the dryness in the nose, throat and bronchial tubes of your dog and help them breathe easier.

Kennel cough is spread by coming into contact with droplets from other dogs’ coughs or sneezing or actual contact with discharge from either the eyes or nose of the infected animal.

The symptoms are characterized by loud, rasping and hacking coughs that sound extremely painful.

Gagging responses, sneezing, and a dripping nose, discharge from the eyes and even coughing up of phlegm are additional symptoms that can occur along with fever and a lack of activity once the virus has had additional time to work.

Take note of any significant changes in eating habits as this can be the first sign that pneumonia might be setting in.

Home remedies for kennel cough or homeopathic remedies for the cough can be handled by Drosera.

If the cough has progressed to a rattling or phlegmy cough then Dulcamara is called for and finally use Coccus for coughs that produce phlegm. All of these products can be found at your local holistic medical provider or health store.

Most people would prefer to use a natural method to treat their pet in the case of illness before pumping more synthetic chemicals into their system.


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