How To Cure Kennel Cough

Get the answers on how to cure kennel cough today. Don't wait till it's too late and your dog is having a hard time breathing. Your home may contain some natural treatments right now...Don't Delay!

Many vets hate the question about how to cure kennel cough. There really is no cure for kennel cough although I will address a few sites that profess to offer a cure.

In almost all cases you and your pet will have to endure the dry cough, runny nose and eyes and gagging until the condition runs its course in seven to twenty one days.

Most pet owners who come to the vet are very concerned with anything that causes their pet discomfort and find it difficult when no cure can be offered.

While the vet can not tell you how to cure kennel cough there are a number of things you can do to lessen the symptoms and help your pet ride the disease out until they recover.

The incessant coughing and gagging can cause your dog to stop eating or eat too little to keep their strength up.

Make sure that you watch over your dog and if anything changed dramatically you will need to head back to the vet. Most kennel cough cases are similar to colds in humans except they last a little longer.

Your dog will not fell totally well but will have periods when they appear completely normal and then the symptoms worsen at night for pets just like it does for us.

Medical treatments for kennel cough include the vaccination for prevention.

The vaccine comes in the injectable form and the intranasal form that is usually given to puppies at two to three weeks of age. This usually protects puppies for ten to twelve weeks.

If you do not plan on boarding your dog any time soon or entering your pet in shows you will probably have no need for future kennel cough vaccinations.

Other medical treatment is called for if your dog has lost its appetite due to the coughing and the vet finds a swollen throat.

Prednisone is often prescribed in these cases to reduce the inflammation and allow normal swallowing and breathing.

It pays to know hot to cure kennel cough.

Other treatments to alleviate symptoms of kennel cough include peppermint tea, raw honey, steam treatments, antihistamines and in extreme cases that have turned into pneumonia antibiotic treatments.

Proper oversight of your dog once they have kennel cough should prevent any further progression toward pneumonia.

Steam treatments are excellent to relieve the coughing for pets with kennel cough (my daughter had whooping cough and it worked for her as well).


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