How To Treat Kennel Cough

Get the facts on how to treat kennel cough. What do you look for? How long does it last? How can your pet avoid kennel cough?... Get the answers now....

Before you can learn how to treat kennel cough you need to learn about what causes it and what some of the symptoms are.

While most kennel cough cases are relatively mild and do not require a trip to the vet the disease will cause some sleepless nights for both you and your pet as the cough is rather loud and startling and your dog may also have the dry heaves or actually vomit due to the force of the coughing.

It literally sounds much worse than it really is.

If the cough is really persistent and you notice your dog’s eating habits have changed and they are avoiding food your dog probably has an inflamed throat form the vomiting and a course of prednisone to keep the inflammation and swelling down.

Kennel cough symptoms will not show up for at least a week after you dog has been exposed to the virus.

If your dog is not a show dog and has not been boarded in a kennel lately then he probably does not have kennel cough as it is a disease that is spread when dogs are in close proximity to others for extended periods of time.

Dogs from shelters are also at risk for kennel cough. Kennel cough is a generic term for many upper respiratory diseases that affect all varieties of canines both tame and wild.

Other names that kennel cough go by include Bordetella, Bordetellosis, canine infectious tracheobronchitis or simply tracheobronchitis.

One great way in learning how to treat kennel cough is to use honey. If your dog will not lick it off the spoon try to drip it onto their tongue so that it coats it well.

Give the honey an hour to coat your dog’s throat and then give them a dose of children’s cough medicine.

Do not over medicate your dog as it can cause lethargy, lack of appetite and even internal organ damage over time.

Another excellent treatment is to take your dog in the bathroom and turn the shower on hot and let steam build up in the room.

By creating a moist environment for your dog you can help make their airways and throat feel better and not so dry. Make sure you towel your dog off and get them completely dry.

Pounding gently on your dog’s back after this can loosen the phlegm and help your dog cough it up.


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