Kennel Cough Remedies

Find the kennel cough remedies right in your own home. Some are readily available while others are obtained from your pets doctor. Help out "Man's Best Friend" Today...

Here is a list of kennel cough remedies:

Wild Cherry Bark Peppermint Yerba Santa Raw Honey Coccus Drosera Dulcamara Steamy shower Prednisone Antihistamines Antibiotics

Depending on your outlook on life you can try any of the homeopathic kennel cough remedies (Coccus, Dulcamara, Drosera), natural methods (wild cherry bark, peppermint, yerba santa, raw honey or chemical or medical means (prednisone, antihistamines, antibiotics).

Learning a little about kennel cough and how the disease progresses and is contracted can help you feel better no matter what kind of treatment you decide on.

If you are the kind of person that goes to the doctor for the simplest sniffle you may want to take your dog to the vet right away.

I have found in my research that in almost all cases kennel cough is not serious at all.

It is similar to a cold or flu in a child. If your pet is acting normally, eating normally and has no changes in their sleeping habits then he has a mild case of kennel cough.

While the hacking dry cough sounds bad, it actually will run its course in ten to fourteen days as long as there are no other complications.

One of the problems with the diagnosis of kennel cough is that there are several bacteria and viruses that will cause the disease in combination.

In fact kennel cough is now referred to as infectious tracheobronchitis. If you want to know if your dog actually has kennel cough you need to remember if your dog has been to a kennel lately or a dog show or in an area closely confined with other dogs.

The disease is spread through actual contact with the mucus from infected animals. This can be from a cough, sneeze or discharge from the infected animal.

A couple of kennel cough remedies involve honey and steam. Honey is nature’s antibiotic and if you take some honey and drip it on your dog’s tongue the honey will coat their throat in about an hour and provide some relief from their sore throat.

You need to use raw honey not processed honey. Another great home remedy is to take your pet with you in the shower at the highest temperature you can stand for about 20 minutes.

The steam from the shower will alleviate the dryness in the nose, throat and bronchial tubes of your dog and help them breathe easier.


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