Need Kennel Cough Treatments For Your Dog?

What kennel cough treatments for your dog works the best? We outline all the possibilities for your to choose and try at home. Some treatments might be found in your home right now. Read on to find out what you have today!

Does your dog have a dry hacking cough that sounds like a seal barking? Does your dog have a runny nose or seeping around its eyes?

Does your dog sound like it is gagging and might be vomiting? If you can say yes to any of these and your dog has recently been boarded or in a show then your pet has contacted kennel cough.

You will want to learn about the various kennel cough treatments.

Many people say that there are kennel cough cures but any vet will tell you that simply is not true.

Kennel cough is not a core disease that requires specific schedules for vaccination and is not required by law. Many kennels and groomers will not take pets that have not been vaccinated for kennel cough, however.

Once your dog has kennel cough you can expect symptoms to continue for seven to twenty one days.

As long as your pet exhibits normal behavior and their eating and sleeping habits along with daily activity have not changed you will only have to do what you feel necessary to help your pet feel better.

One thing to keep in mind is to keep any other infectious agents away from your pet while they have kennel cough.

While their immune system is compromised fighting the infectious tracheobronchitis other more opportunistic bacteria may want a shot at getting a foothold in your pet’s system and creating another infection (bronchitis, pneumonia, etc.).

Make sure you keep any discharge from their eyes and nose wiped away so that they do not continue to infect themselves by cleaning the areas with their paws and tongue.

Here is an interesting kennel cough treatment. Take a Vitamin C tablet (500 mg), a garlic capsule (500 mg), and an Echinacea capsule (125 mg) and put them in some liverwurst once a day until the symptoms are gone.

Your dog will eat it quickly and according to this source her dog’s case of kennel cough was markedly better in 3 days. Her dog only had one cough on the fourth day and by day 5 the cough was completely gone.

This dosage was aimed at small dogs and he author recommended giving the remedy twice a day for larger dogs but not doubling the dosage for a single application.

My favorite treatment for kennel cough is steam treatments. I used this several times for my daughter who had whooping cough and also for my Bouvier who contracted a cold.

Run a shower as hot as you can for twenty minutes with the door closed and keep your pet with you the entire time.

The hot moist air will open up all of your pet’s airways and moisten the damaged lining of their throat.


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