Kennel Cough Vaccination

The kennel cough vaccination will help your dog fight off any sickness that would result from being boarded in a kennel. Some places require the vaccination and most vets recommend this shot.

Your neighbor’s dog has come down with kennel cough and you are concerned that your pet may get it as well.

Be assured that unless your pet comes in direct contact with some sort of pathogen from your neighbor’s dog (cough, sneeze, etc.) your pet will likely be safe.

Many vets now recommend the kennel cough vaccination be given twice a year instead of the one time pre year that has been the recommendation for years.

One shelter operator speaks against the kennel cough vaccination by saying that they have been in business for fifteen years and have had as many as 250 dogs at a time and they rarely have dogs that contract kennel cough.

He is also concerned with many of the multiple virus vaccines in that they are causing more reactions in dogs and can cause immune system problems as well.

He believes that in most cases of kennel cough the vaccine causes it rather than keeping it from taking hold in the vaccinated dogs.

This is contrary to what all vets are offering to keep your dog’s health at an optimal level.

Most kennels will not take pets that have not had the vaccination so if you have no need to board your pet you will not have any issues with the lack of vaccination coverage.

If you ever need to use a kennel keep that in mind. With any vaccination you need to massage the area before and after the shot to make sure that the vaccine is dispersed and not concentrated in one area too long.

Making the shot location on the back leg instead of the shoulder area helps move the vaccination more quickly.

In 2006 the American Animal Hospital Association decided that the kennel cough vaccination is not a core requirement as it affects only certain classes of dogs.

Dogs that should get the vaccination are show dogs, dogs that are going to boarded, dogs that are being hospitalized for surgery, senior dogs or dogs with respiratory problems and dogs that are going to be visiting unknown groups of dogs (farms, etc.).

Timing for the vaccination is important as it can take a minimum of three days to three weeks for the dog to build up full immunity.

If you are planning a trip and need to board your dog you need to take this time frame into account when scheduling a kennel cough vaccination.


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