Why Is My Dog Not Eating?

If you have noticed problems with your dogs eating habit and have asked yourself “Why is my dog not eating?” there are several other questions you need to ask yourself. This article gives you answers about dog eating questions.

Pregnant Dog Not Eating?

In the case of a dog not eating or drinking it is more important to verify what the reason is fairly quickly...

Some of the questions you need to ask right away are how long has it been since they stopped eating or drinking?

(Editor's note: Do you have a sick dog not eating?)

Are there other health issues along with the lowered appetite (vomiting, diarrhea, etc.)? For example, how old is the dog? Older dogs eat less in quantity and frequency.

What is the breed and what you are currently feeding the dog and has that been changed?

Have you had visitors recently and have they fed your pet table scraps or more treats than normal?

Have your children been sneaking food to the dog or has the dog been roaming in the woods and maybe eating small animals or road kill?

If your dog is finding food in places other than his pet food dish this could explain why he exhibits no interest at meal time.

Another thing to look for is whether your trash has been gotten into by an unknown source. If you put the remains from last night’s steak dinner and did not secure the trash can lid, Spot may have had an additional meal at the expense of your garbage.

Once you have asked your self all of these questions and have come up with no clear answer as to your question of my dog is not eating then you need to get your dog to the vet for an immediate check up.

If your dog is not getting food from other sources to curb his normal appetite the things that will cause appetite loss are fairly serious. If it is a matter of stress – a recent move, an addition to the family (baby, other pet, etc.), change in diet, then it should be easy to rectify.

If the answer to the question “Why is my dog not eating?” a purely medical one then treatment should be started right away.


Some of the medical factors that can cause a loss of appetite include cancer, pancreatitis, canine diabetes, liver and kidney disease, twisted bowel syndrome (see the movie Marley and Me), heart disease, dental issues and hormonal issues.

Diagnosing the exact condition quickly can avert more serious problems and even death for your pet.


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