The Ultimate Introduction to natural dog treats!

Dog nutrition is probably the most important aspect of canine care. Natural dog treats can keep your dog happy and heathly for years to come.

Your dog must receive the right amounts of vitamins and minerals to keep its organ systems working and running properly. A dog must receive the right amounts of proteins, to keep its muscle mass; the right amounts of lips and fatty acids, to keep its hormones at the right levels; the right amounts of carbohydrates, for its daily energy needs; and the right amounts of nucleic acids for the overall health and regeneration of its cells.

Dog nutrition is more complicated than simply feeding a dog its dog treats, or buying pellets to make your dog's coat shine. It also means training your dog to avoid foods with preservatives, which can be harmful to your dog's health.

It can mean giving your dog the best food products available, which should not place your dog's body systems at risk. The dog liver and kidney are often the first victims of a poor diet, but they can be saved if you make sure that your dog receives the best nutrition. This is why natural dog treats are so important.

Like humans, dogs can benefit from a natural diet of grains, vegetables, and fruits. However, not all dogs, can easily eat fruits without looking for their meat treat.

Not all dogs like vegetables, especially when they have been fed canned pet food for too long, nor can they digest grains, or, at the very least, have patience chewing them, as they would their ordinary rawhide chews. All dogs, however, need to be healthy, and a natural diet can help. It's a good idea to consider natural dog treats if health is on your mind.

Natural dog treats are the alternative to today's artificial treats: they are made from all natural ingredients, and they can bring the goodness of Mother Nature to your canine pal by incorporating vegetables, fruits, and grains into your dog's treats. Natural dog treats are ideal for overweight and senior dogs, which are in greatest need of proper nutrition.

What kinds of natural dog treats are available on the market?

Dogs like chewing on bones, which can help them during their lazy, sleepy hours, and can help them relieve frustration or anxiety.

Real bones, however, can also be dangerous for dogs. They can crack, fracture, or splinter, wounding a dog's mouths. Their hardness can wear away old, weak dog teeth.

Bone splinters can be left in the throat or stomach, and can cause bleeding problems. An alternative, the rawhide chew, can be hard to digest.

Some companies are now marketing natural dog bones, which are colored and fashioned to look like real bones, but are made from flour, vegetable fibers, rice, and liver. Some natural bones are even flavored to taste like steak or bacon, catering to a dog's natural taste for meat.

Dog snacks can give dogs their much needed energy boost in the middle of the day, without overindulging them in a full meal. Some companies manufacture natural biscuits or puffs, which are made out of flour, grain, or even pig snouts! Pig snouts will often be smoked and baked in their own juices, without preservatives or salts added. These are some of the best natural dog treats.

Like humans, dogs can be adversely affected by tartar. Food left in the mouth can cause gum swelling or bleeding. If this food is not cleaned out, infections can spread to the teeth, or to the jaws, and can even reach the bloodstream.

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Dogs need their teeth brushed, but tooth care can be irritating to canines. Their narrow mouths are easily turned off by the invasion of dog brushes, so that most veterinarians need to sedate dogs before any dental procedure can be performed.

Dog dental treats have been manufactured to keep bad breath and bleeding gums at bay. Some producers have also developed natural dog treats, which use small amounts of the same ingredients in human toothpaste, along with a dog-attracting natural flavor, to give dogs better breath and gums. Some dog treats also contain small amounts of minerals such as calcium and phosphorous, which help strengthen teeth.

Other dental treats contain natural breath fresheners, such as parsley, honey, and oats. Dog dental treats come in various flavors, and natural ones will contain all natural honey, rice, meal, and whey, which provide protein and carbohydrates.

Other natural dog treats, such as honey cookies and antioxidant health bars, are now on the market. The varieties are endless.

If you wish to feed your dog natural dog treats, then read the labels on your local natural treats, and consult with your veterinarian. Your pet deserves only the best nutrition, and if natural dog treats are the answer, then you should feed them to your dog – your best friend.

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