Tips on buying and designing the perfect personalized pet dish

Thinking about buying a personalized pet dish? In this article we'll not only look at the reasons why personalized dishes and bowls are useful, but we'll also talk about where to buy them. We even provide a list of "secret" buying tips so you get the perfect personalized dog dish or cat dish.

Marking and Identification: Animals vs. Humans

Most animals mark their territories and possessions by urinating on them. They "lend" items their scent. They understand the world through smell. But, urine is an assault on our olfactory senses. To be blunt, urine stinks!

Humans prefer to rely on other means of pet accessory identification. One way to ensure easy identification is through personalization. We navigate and understand the world by seeing it. This is a key reason why personalization is so important. We like to see markings, not smell them.

But there are many more reasons...

Why It’s Important to Personalize a Pet Dish

It Looks Better

There’s nothing wrong with giving your pet beautiful things, and there’s no law that decrees how all pet dishes must be designed. Hence, if you want your pet and her things to be distinguishable from the rest, personalizing is smart. Also, many personalized items are higher quality. The luxury will rub off on the rest of your home.

It Makes Food Organization and Eating Habit Monitoring Much Easier

If you have a lot of pets at home, a personalized pet dish for each beloved furry friend will ensure that you’ll always know which pet dish belongs to which pet. When your pets eat together, you’ll also be able to know which pet has already finished his meal and which one hasn’t eaten yet.

It’s a Sign of Affection

Go the extra mile for your pet. Let the whole world know how much you love your pet by spending extra few dollars to buy a personalized pet dish. It generally isn't too much extra. This will make you feel better but your pet will also feel the loving glow. As you know, cats and dogs sense affection.

Where to Buy a Personalized Pet Dish

Online Stores

Few online pet shops sell a personalized pet dish, so you must usally spend a lot of time researching and browsing. Even when you find good pet web sites, like Pet Comfort Products, it isn't easy to know if they offer custom-designed pet dishes or not. In our experience, you'll have to find a custom online store since the big online pet stores can't mass produce custom items.


It’s very rare, but not impossible, for malls to sell customizable pet dishes. If you live in a small town the local mall might not even have a pet store. The bottom line is that malls should be your last resort.

Specialty Pet Stores

Without a doubt, this is the best place to buy a personalized pet dish. You’ll find what you need in a specialty pet store, and you can also have the rest of your pet’s things personalized. Specialty pet stores are usually staffed by warm and caring people. They love dogs, cats, and other pets! Check the newspaper and yellow pages for specialty stores. Better yet, get a reference from a friend.

Personalized Design Shop

This is definitely a secret. Some stores are primarily engaged with personalized designing. They'll personalize anything! You could either buy a pet dish from them or bring in your own. Just have them personalize it according to your specifications. By the way, another secret tip is to get a stainless steel dog dish and have it engraved; outside or bottom only. Stainless steel dog bowls are great.

Mail Order Catalogs

All you’ll have to do is choose the pet dish that appeals to you the most, specify the personalized design details you wish them to follow then fill up the rest of the order form. I've only seen a few companies that offer nice bowls with the option of personalization, but they seem quite good. Pet Comfort Product readers have also said good things about getting personalized dog bowls from mail order catalogs.

Things to Remember When Buying a Personalized Pet Dish

Types of Pet Dishes

Before you get down to designing and personalizing your pet’s things, you must make sure that the accessories you’re buying for him are truly necessary and suitable for his needs. As for a pet dish, make sure that it has all the necessary characteristics to make eating easier for your pet. In short, make sure that you like it, your pet likes it, and it is high quality.

Size: A small pet dish can work against your pet for several reasons; if you leave him alone at home occasionally, for instance, the contents of his pet dish may not be enough to satiate his hunger. Although this might soudn funny, if your pet’s name is "Sir George Richard the III" and you want his whole name spelled out, you definitely need to buy a larger pet dish!

Elevation: A big dog will have to bend lower than usual if she’s feeding from most ordinary pet dishes. Obviously, you need to buy a pet dish that’s elevated enough for your dog to easily eat from it. Elevated dog dishes are wonderful. An elevated personalized pet dish is even better!

Automated: Again, if you’ll be leaving your pet home alone frequently, teaching him how to use an automatic feeder will ensure that she’ll never go hungry.

Material: While a ceramic pet dish is pretty easy to personalize or design, it’s more easily breakable than others. Stainless steel pet dishes are extremely durable but design options are more limited. We think that is fine in most cases since personalization usually means the pet's name, which can be engraved.

Things to Ask about Personalized Designs

Designing Options: Who’s going to make the design, the store artist, a machine, or you? Are symbols or pictures acceptable or does the store only accept printings or pet names on the dish? A secret tip is to plan out a few designs before heading to the store!

Space Limits If adding a name to a personalized dish, how many characters are allowed? Do they have a maximum number of characters allowed? Do they charge per letter? How about paw prints and pictures?

Color Can you choose what color of ink will be used for the personalized pet dish design? Can you use multiple colors, and if so, how much will it cost? Furthermore, a secret tip is to ask about the toxicity of the ink if that is being used. Be careful about the other materials used so your pet doesn't get sick.

Wrap Up

A personalized pet dish is the perfect gift for your pet and other pet lovers. It’s also a great way to express your love through creative and artistic means. Happy shopping!

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