Take a look at even more Pet Product Trends in 2006

In our previous article on pet product trends, we covered a total of nine predictions. Those 2006 predictions were mostly focused on things impacting the purchasing habits of consumers.

This article will focus more on the growth areas in the market in 2006. Much of the content you’ll see here is drawn from an article written by David Lummis for Pet Product News, as well as our own analysis and expertise.

It probably goes without saying that innovation and new products are mostly being driven by small retailers and niche marketers. Companies such as Wal-Mart, Petsmart, and Petco hardly notice these new products. They need to see that there is a demand in the market first. They need to see definite pet product trends.

When they see the magic they jump into the fray, ultimately turning those products into commodities. Prices fall. Inevitability, new niches are born, new products are created, and the cycle continues.

Virtually no real innovation is driven by large companies. However, at the same time these giants spend the most on marketing products. They turn pet product trends into products for the mainstream.

This might seem like a paradox but it is really an interesting symbiotic relationship. The upstarts and niche players demonstrate the new products, take on huge risk, and reap the rewards if successful. Soon, the big players catch on to what sells and they squeeze the small players. That’s how the cycle repeats.

Enough chatter about the dynamics of the market. Let’s talk about what is coming in 2006. Here are the growth areas:

  • Oral health care products (e.g., breath treats, brushing)
  • Organic and natural products, including food and supplements
  • Clean up and odor removal products (e.g., cat urine odor elimination)
  • Targeted and niche lifestyle products (e.g., seniors, weight loss)
  • Luxury and gift-oriented products (e.g., luxury pet beds)
  • Product simplification (e.g, easy pour, single serve, ergonomics)
  • Travel related products (e.g., travel water bowls)

There are some other interesting trends to reveal. Independent retailers and innovators are going to get more sophisticated. In particular, they will target young consumers, multiple-pet households, and affluent buyers. Furthermore, they will very likely target women since they are the primary pet care and pet product decision makers.

No matter if these pet product trends (predictions) are exactly right. What is certain is that the marketplace is definitely changing. And yet, at the same time it is the same as it ever was. Let’s enjoy!

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