Get Your Pregnant Dog Not Eating... to Start Eating Again!

This is how to get your pregnant dog not eating to finally eat. If you're having dog eating issues learn all about dog pregnancy sickness, using ice cubes, wet dog food, food increases, and what to talk to the vet about during canine gestation.

Editor's Note: Need a dog pregnancy test?

Taking care of a pregnant dog that's not eating can be a very difficult task especially if you do not know what the exact cause of the loss of appetite.

If your pregnant dog isn't eating does not show signs of improvement within a day or two you should take a look at using one of these home methods that may take care of the problem. A pregnant dog that isn't eating cannot be ignored.

A common method that you can try for your pregnant dog who has stopped eating is simply using canned food during her pregnancy.

Dogs might have a reaction to the food that they were eating before they became pregnant. If your dog has this reaction you may just be able to fix the problem with a simple can of chicken flavored wet food.

A boiled hamburger and some prepared white rice might be able to work as well. Do not give your pregnant dog not eating too much differently prepared food. This can make the dog sicker and an immediate vet visit might be needed. Stay consistent!

Along with the proper feeding schedule a pregnant dog not eating needs to have fresh water at all times. You may want to drop in a few ice cubes so the temperature of the water soothes the stomach a little bit.

High quality dog food is a great thing to have handy for a dog not eating.

A bowl of the high quality food throughout the pregnancy will help a pregnant dog not eating get healthy again.

Towards the end of the pregnancy your dog is going to get a bit bigger due to the rapid growth spurt with the puppies. There could be a growth up to about 30% so ensure that you feed your pregnant dog not eating accordingly.

If the dog does not eat at all towards the last stretch, then you may need to get with your vet immediately. This could be an issue with the puppies inside of your pregnant dog not eating.

Canine Gestation

If this is your first time dealing with a pregnant dog not eating, make sure to be patient and try out these methods. Pregnant dogs will go through changes that you may not be familiar with, so talk to your vet about any questions that you might have ahead of time. This will help prevent your pregnant dog from stopping her regular eating.


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