Need to stop dog from fence jumping? You better keep reading...

Does your dog constantly jump over the fence in the backyard? If so, here are some tips to stop dog from fence jumping.

There are many reasons why dogs jump over fences.

* It’s fun.
* They’re bored.
* They see another dog.
* They are coerced by children.

Dogs innately love to be where the action is. If they are alone in your backyard, and notice certain activity going on in the next; they will more than likely will jump the fence to engage in the activity.

The key to stop dog from fence jumping is to begin training to stop this behavior. To begin with, establishing dominance over your dog is a primary factor. If you witness your dog jumping over the fence, act immediately. Communicate your displeasure by using techniques similarly used when trying to alter other unwanted behavior. Return the dog to your backyard and have him sit. If he wants attention, turn away until he sits and stays. Repeat this exercise every time the dog exhibits any type of behavior that is contrary to your expectations.

Dog Fence Jumping

How else to stop the dog from fence jumping?

Use exercise as an activity. Walk your dog daily. Undoubtedly you will come upon other dogs with which he can interact. If necessary, set up a mini play area in your backyard so he will be occupied. You can stop dog from fence jumping by spending quality time engaging in fun activities, such as a Frisbee or a small wading pool.

If he is not a house dog, ensure that his dog house is clean and is provided with a blanket so that he can sleep on it during chilly nights. Also, provide enough water for your dog and keep it near his dog house so it is readily available.

Remember, there are many ways in which you can stop dog from fence jumping. It will take research and a fair amount of patience. Do not be overly loud or rough when training your dog. Use a calm and authoritative manner, and in no time your dog will understand what type of behavior you expect.

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