Do You Want an Underwater Dog Treadmill?

This is the ultimate guide to finding an underwater dog treadmill. All the basics of water treadmills for dogs are covered for you. Enjoy!

Is an underwater dog treadmill the right therapy for your dog?

Does your dog need some sort of exercise therapy to lose weight or return to a healthy lifestyle?

Has your dog developed arthritis over the years and has difficulty getting around?

I have had arthritis in both knees for some years now and find it difficult in the winter to do a great deal of physical activities. My knees do not want to work properly and I get sore more quickly. As a result I have turned to water exercise in the form of water aerobics and swimming to strengthen the muscles around my knees as well as increase my endurance.

Vets have found that water therapy for dogs is another great way to have low impact exercise for those dogs who are overweight or who have hip or other joint problems that cause them pain and keep them from enjoying the activities they had when they were younger. Specifically designed underwater dog treadmills provide the solution for these canine problems.

HydroHound and Ferno are two companies that offer underwater dog treadmills for rehab and exercise training. Ferno also makes underwater therapy tanks for horses as well.

The theory behind using treadmills and water are that the water makes the animal more buoyant thus reducing the impact and force on the dog as it takes each step.

Water also provides resistance which increases cardiac endurance and helps to burn more calories per minute than exercise out of water.

The underwater dog treadmill from HydroHound can be used with or without water which sets them apart from the majority of their competitors.

The ability to use warm water helps with improved circulation and better after exercise recovery for animals using this therapy for rehab. Water levels can be varied to fit whatever breed of dog that is using the device. HydroHound has a digital readout that gives you the exercise time, speed of the treadmill and a variety of other features. At $31,500 the HydroHound I is aimed at veterinarians and dog trainers and rehab centers rather than for home use.

The Ferno Aqua Paws underwater dog treadmill system is the system of choice at over twenty veterinarian hospitals across the country.

If you are a newly graduated vet who wants to set up a rehab facility in your practice, Ferno has a variety of practice and equipment financing options through Bank of America that you can use for your purchase.


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