Is Eukanuba Dog Food Your Best Choice?

I'm going to tell you all about Eukanuba dog food. You'll find out why I give him this kind of dog food. You'll find out when he eats. You'll find out how he acts when he eats this kind of special canine food.

After much deliberation I have concluded that Eukanuba dog food for mature dogs is the best food for my mature Bassett hound.

I find that the lamb and rice combination of flavors is both enjoyable for my pet and helps keep him healthy in his older years. It seems to give him a good healthy coat, and since we switched to the mature kind he has had more energy too.

I also came to the conclusion that this food was best for my dog by talking to my Veterinarian and experimentation. We did try other brands like, Science Diet. My dog did not like the taste of it. I actually tried to put hot dogs in the food to have him eat it, but he simply ate the hot dogs and left the dog food.

When he was a puppy I tried to feed him wet dog food. This was not as healthy and was messy to clean up. During most of his life he has been on Eukanuba dog food for weight management. Bassett hounds are prone to being over weight. By keeping him on this food and by taking him on walks I was able to keep his weight under control.

Eukanuba dry dog food helps clean his teeth and keep him at a good weight. Lately I have heard of organic dog food.

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I have not and do not purchase organic dog foods. I find them to be too expensive. I feel that I have a good balance in my dog’s diet at the present moment and am uncertain how this food would affect his allergies.

My Bassett gets fed once per day in the morning. He eats his dry Eukanuba in the morning at 6:30 am with a large bowl of water. He has gotten used to this pattern. He quite enjoys it. I did try to have him eat two times a day with half the amount, but he is much more content to have the whole amount in the morning.

In the afternoon we go on a walk, and after the walk he gets a treat. He prefers Snasages or Begging Strips. However sometimes I get him dog cookies from bakeries or Petco.

Usually he gets cookies around Christmas time. He eats them enthusiastically with another large bowl of water. I find that these small treats and his breakfast make for a happy healthy dog.

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Now you know why Eukanuba dog food is the best for my dog. Is it right for you dog too?



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