Behavior Problem in the Dog? Here's a Powerful Solution!

Is there a behavior problem in the dog? Where do these problems come from? How can you deal with these issues? This short article provides one very concrete answer.

The Dog Whisperer Provides a Behavior Problem Solution

Recently on the series, Dog Whisperer, a couple had three small dogs. The couple needed professional assistance because their dogs’ behavior was out of control. The growling, fighting and overall display of anger reached such proportions, the owners didn’t know what else to do. If you have a behavior problem in dog, here are some tips which may help you from reaching a similar boiling point.

In the case explained above, it was pointed out to the couple that the dogs were controlling the home and not the other way around. In an effort to alleviate the behavioral problems the dogs displayed, some helpful ideas were given on how to rectify the situation. To begin, the couple had to start maintaining a dominant attitude when dealing with their dogs; that is, begin to take control.

The professional dog trainer explained his methods and theory in detail. When you, as an owner, are confident and at peace, the dogs will become peaceful as well. Taking all three dogs and placing them on his lap, one of the dogs growled and began to bite the other. By simply using a hissing sound, in a forceful yet definite manner, the professional dog trainer immediately brought the dogs under control. There was no pressure, no yelling; just a forceful and calm command.

Keep Dog From Jumping the Fence

Needless to say, stopping behavior problem in dog can be effectively accomplished if you maintain your dominant alpha dog status, and relegate the dog’s role to a submissive posture.

Moreover, this method can be used for all behavior problem in dog; it just takes time, and a willingness to go the distance.

Here are some special bonus tips. It is important that dogs receive as much exercise as possible.

Daily walks anywhere from 20 and 45 minutes, give the dogs the freedom they seek, and will tire them out as well. This will help you effectively eliminate many behavioral problems in your pet. As we like to say, a tired pet is usually a good pet!

Need more help?

We strongly recommend reading our review of Sit Stay Fetch, which is a complete dog obedience and training system.

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